I don’t do “heros”. Sorry, after the Lance Armstrong fiasco I vowed to not get fooled again. Yes, that epic moment in the 2001 Tour de France still gives me chills, when Armstrong looks over his shoulder at his only real competition at the time, Jan Ullrich, before sprinting ahead on the toughest climb on the Tour…L’Alpe-D-Huez.

These days, my interests lean more toward “professional crushes”. There are a handful of researchers in the world whose work I re-read and damn near frame for hanging in the office. Call me a geek, yes, but you know that’s why you love me! 🙂 The gentleman below, Richard Deyo, MD, MPH has over 400 peer-reviewed citations with his name on it. I was asked by the faculty of the Providence Family Medicine Program to share a conservative vantage point on interventions in low back pain from a complementary care perspective. I had a blast spending  some time with the now-retired Dr. Deyo, as he walked us through his research career as an epidemiologist, shedding light on the dark corners occupied by the profiteers in the “low back pain industry”. At this writing, Purdue Pharma and the Sackler family are getting just desserts for their part in the opioid epidemic. Researchers like Deyo, are the ones who put the fork in this very well-done, tough cut of meat. We all owe him a big high-five, and getting to meet and present alongside of him was an honor.

Phillip Snell, DC and Richard Deyo, MD, MPH present for the Providence Family Practice Residency program.


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