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A Day With Rick Deyo, MD

I don't do "heros". Sorry, after the Lance Armstrong fiasco I vowed to not get fooled again. Yes, that epic moment in the 2001 Tour de France still gives me chills, when Armstrong looks over [...]

Do Herniated Discs Resorb?

Some time ago, a question came up in the member discussion forum at as to whether extruded lumbar disc herniations “went away” or whether they remained in the epidural space...

How to Load a Disc without Harm

As the grimacing gentleman above and to your left, world record holding powerlifter Chris Duffin, can attest, a well trained lumbar disc can manage outrageous load. Premium Members to FixYourOwnBack can see Chris in action on...

Why Does My Back Hurt in the Morning?

People that come into our clinic for treatment after lumbar disc herniation frequently have a history of pain which is worse in the morning and then improves after they’ve been up moving around for a bit...


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